About David Domes

Hi, it’s David D. here.

I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself and answer the question you are probably asking. “Who is David Domes?”

Well, Im actually a pretty normal guy who went through a period of my life where I felt a lot of anxiety and insecurity being around people.

In those days, when I would talk to people, my mind would go blank, I’d run out of things to say and the conversation would often just die.

The turning point came when I decided I would do WHATEVER it took to learn how to connect to other people and be able to naturally carry on a conversation with anyone.

Well ‘whatever it took’ actually turned into a few years. I studied psychology, I read books, I listened to talk…..

The turning point came when I started hanging out with people who were naturally good at conversations. I learned communication skills from these people and began practicing them with others as often as I could.

This is when my life changed forever.

In only a few months, I was learned how to easily start and carry on a conversation with anyone, and how to connected to new and interesting people…I made new friends, I got dates, I had more work opportunities.

Suddenly, my life was a lot more exciting.

Best of all, the anxiety and shyness that I had felt for so long evaporated. Instead of feeling insecure around other people, I began to feel confident and free. This was incredible.

It felt like I was living in a completely different world. Life was better over here.

Then I looked around and saw so many other people feeling the same way I used to, trapped in shyness or anxiety…not knowing what to do.

What I realized is that most of these people didn’t know they could DO anything about it, that they could find social freedom for themselves.

It was then that I decided to begin coaching people on how to start and carry on a conversation with anyone, how to overcome shyness and anxiety, how to get dates, and how to find social freedom.

I have now coached people around the world. My videos have been watched over 500 000 times. Thousands of people came to my website and signed up for this training.

Of course, I'm a person and I have flaws, but I am proud of what I do and believe that my work is among the best out there. I honestly think that if you give it a try you will get a TON of value from it.

-David D.

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