SECRET to Overcoming Social Anxiety. HINT: you ALREADY have it.

Overcome shyness

Hey friend, Ever get the feeling that you’re in your own way? That overcoming social anxiety is totally possible, but you still have it? Yup, been there. Luckily the key to getting unstuck is already inside you, you just need to know how to “tap in”. To learn how to get unstuck and instead feel…

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How to make new friends you really WANT to hang out with.

How to make new friends you really want to hang out with

What kind of friendships do YOU WANT? So let’s get real for a second… We’ve all had surface friendships in the past. The kind where we spend time together but don’t really connect. Where you talk about the weather, the game, the class, but never feel like it gets beyond that, never feel like you’re…

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Not Shy Anymore. How to TRANSFORM your life, starting TODAY.

How to small talk to make new friends

Hey, Wish you were not shy? I’m talking to you, who’s finally at the place where what you’ve been doing isn’t working and you’re looking for a solution. Yup, if I’d gotten this advice years ago it would have saved me tons of time, social anxiety, and trouble. I would have transformed my life a…

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How to make more friends by visiting the RIGHT places for YOU.


Location, location location… So have you ever gone to a party wanting to meet new people, looked around and recognized, WOW, I don’t fit in. Like, I have no idea what to say, I feel awkward, everyone’s staring at me. Even when I try, nothing I say seems quite right. I just don’t fit. Yup,…

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Making New Friends: How to ATTRACT your future BFF… With Confidence.


Ever wonder if someone would WANT to be your friend? You know, you meet someone, think they’re awesome, you’d really like to be THEIR friend… but would they want to be YOURS? And then you start listing all the reasons why they probably wouldn’t want to be your friend… and then get self conscious, and…

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Improve Social Skills: 3 TIPS For Eye Contact In Communication


  Hey, … lots of us wonder about how much eye contact is the right amount. When I had social anxiety I know that it was torture, wondering if I was coming across how I wanted to, if the other person would like or reject me, stuck in my own head. I’d either make too…

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How to Make a Good First Impression: In Two No-Fail Steps.

Friendly body language

Hey, First impressions are essential because like it or not, the first things we experience about someone color the way we see that person, and our openness to get to know them further. They say that only 10% of our communication is verbal, and the vast majority is body language. This is why when I…

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How to make new friends: Logically.


Hey, In this blog and video I’m here to tell you how to make new friends who you’ll be able to chat with easily and effortlessly by drawing upon your natural areas of interest. Ever notice how there are a few people in life who are just simple to talk with? Your few closest friends…

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3 Steps To Overcoming Social Anxiety… so you can relax and enjoy conversations with anyone:

Hey, Why do we get nervous in making and keeping conversations going when all we want to do is connect with the other person and have a good time? You might have tried overcoming social anxiety in the past by resisting the feelings, or just stayed at home because you didn’t want to go out…

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How to Make Small Talk (…& Avoid Awkward Silences)

Hey, So we’ve all been there. You’re having a conversation, just starting to get to know someone who you think would be cool to hang out with, and all of a sudden: BLANK. Nothing to say. You stand there for a moment, watching as your young friendship dies long before its time. Eventually one or…

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