How to make new friends you really WANT to hang out with.

How to make new friends you really want to hang out with

What kind of friendships do YOU WANT? So let’s get real for a second… We’ve all had surface friendships in the past. The kind where we spend time together but don’t really connect. Where you talk about the weather, the game, the class, but never feel like it gets beyond that, never feel like you’re…

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How to make more friends by visiting the RIGHT places for YOU.


Location, location location… So have you ever gone to a party wanting to meet new people, looked around and recognized, WOW, I don’t fit in. Like, I have no idea what to say, I feel awkward, everyone’s staring at me. Even when I try, nothing I say seems quite right. I just don’t fit. Yup,…

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How to make new friends: Logically.


Hey, In this blog and video I’m here to tell you how to make new friends who you’ll be able to chat with easily and effortlessly by drawing upon your natural areas of interest. Ever notice how there are a few people in life who are just simple to talk with? Your few closest friends…

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