Overcoming Social Phobia – Make Safe and Easy Connections With People

If you long for human connections, but have trouble find them because anxiety and fear get in the way, then this might be the most important post you will read this year.

Anyone who has experienced shyness or have social anxiety knows that it is not always easy to make human connections. A deep part of you longs to connect with others, but by no choice of your own, anxiety and fear seems to always get in the way.

Because of this, it becomes easy to avoid situations where you will interact with people. Taken to the extreme, this becomes social phobia, where you might go to great lengths to avoid being around others.

Social phobia is not healthy. Not only does it make it very difficult to move through the world, but it also goes against human nature, which longs to connect with others. Fortunately, you can cure social phobia.

On the path to cure social phobia, an important step is to build connections with others. To do this, you need to talk with people in a way that is safe and easy.

At first the thought of talking to people might be terrifying. That’s why we want to start off in ways that are safe and easy. How do we do this?

A great way to begin is by having short, low risk conversations a few times a week, with people you encounter in your everyday life. Some good people to talk to are the grocery teller, the server at a coffee shop, or someone who works at a clothing store.

Say Hi and ask these people how their day is going. If the conversation goes on from there, that is great. If not, that’s fine too. Even talking for thirty seconds will help cure social phobia.

Right now take out a pen and paper and write down three people you come across in your everyday life. Next write down a plan to have short low-risk conversations with these people at least once in the coming week.

Make sure you follow through because the truth is: you can cure social phobia. When you do, you can find the human connections that you long for, you can have more friends, and more success at work.

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