How to make new friends: Logically.

In this blog and video I’m here to tell you how to make new friends who you’ll be able to chat with easily and effortlessly by drawing upon your natural areas of interest.

Ever notice how there are a few people in life who are just simple to talk with? Your few closest friends with whom conversations come easily and effortlessly? If you want to know how to make new friends with whom conversation comes easily (not awkward silences or wondering if they’re judging you because you don’t know what to say) then read on…

Here’s the logic for today’s blog:
– People find it easy to talk about the things they like.
– And people generally like people who share their common interests.
– So, when you talk with someone who likes what you like, conversation (and friendship) comes easily because you like the same things, can talk easily about those things, and will naturally come to like each other as a result.

So here’s how you put it in action to make new friends who like what you like:

The first step for how to make new friends…

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. On one half write down 5 things you’re passionate about. These can be things that you simply find super fun, or things you know a lot about (and enjoy). The example I gave in the video above is skiing. I skied competitively growing up and still love it. I might also put meditation, trail running, traveling or speaking French.

My page looks like this:
1. Skiing
2. Meditation
3. Trail running
4. Reading
5. Speaking French


Go ahead and do this…
Ok, the second step for how to make new friends… 

Take this list and beside each one write a place where you would find other people who also like these things; (Note: If possible, think of places where local people meet regularly (weekly or monthly) vs one-off events like a convention where people may not return until the following year.)

1. Skiing – Alpine Club
2. Meditation- Meditation center or yoga studio
3. Trail running- The running room’s running club
4. Reading- Book talks at a favorite local bookstore, or a book club
5. Speaking French- group for people who enjoy conversational French

Look at your list and pick one that’s local and accessible and feels like fun. 
Yup, right now, get online and find out when their next meeting is. Book the time out in your phone and set an alarm to remind you the day before, and then an hour before. When you get there, you’ll meet other people who like what you like and you’ll notice how much easier it is to talk with them about the what you both are there to enjoy. “How to make new friends” will be a question of the past.

BONUS note #1: Don’t go just once, keep going. Commit to going every week/month for at least 10 times. This way you’ll have plenty of opportunities to observe the group, get to know individuals, warm up, and to get to know people over time. This way they’ll also get to know you, and will build the trust and openness that is the foundation for lasting friendships.

BONUS note #2: Say YES when people invite you to share lunch during break, or go for coffee after. These one-on-one times are what bind people individually and will speed up the process immensely. If other people are shy too and don’t overtly ask you to join them for lunch, then approach and ask if you can sit with them, this is a great way to let them know that you like them and are interested in getting to know them (and people like people who like them.)

Now if step #3 of how to make new friends is freaking you out because you have social anxiety or aren’t sure what to say when you get there, or how to keep a conversation going when the topic changes… then click on and sign up for my FREE TRAINING to learn the tools to make and keep new friends who you’ll have fun with, share good times, share challenges with, and bond with deeply for a long long time.

So go, take action right now, and step toward the friendships and connections you want in life and let yourself feel what a good life we really live.

Your friend,

(PS: Looking forward to hearing about your successes!) 
Questions? Comments? Post below…