How Conversations Can Help You Overcome Social Anxiety

When I was on my mission to overcome my shyness and social anxiety I made an interesting discovery.

While the majority of information on how to cure social anxiety focused on how to overcome the emotions of anxiety, no one was talking about how to develop conversation skills.

And I didn’t have these conversation skills.I didn’t have the skills to start a conversation. I didn’t know how to keep one going.

Because I didn’t have conversation skills, I always felt uncomfortable in social situations. No matter how many techniques I tried to change my emotions, I still did not feel conversationally adequate. This made me nervous and insecure around others. Not knowing how to have conversations fueled my anxiety.

With this realization, I committed to practice and develop my conversation skills. Once I began practicing, I was surprised at how quickly my conversation skills improved.

All of a sudden, I knew how to start conversations. I knew what to say in conversations and I knew how to keep them going. More than anything, I began to feel confident around other people.

When this happened, the anxiety that I felt in social situations decreased dramatically. I felt more comfortable and at ease around others. This was an important lesson for me.

What I learned is that overcoming shyness and social anxiety needs to be approached from two sides.

On one side are the techniques to manage emotions, like cognitive behavioral therapy, and these are very important. Such techniques have been proven to be quite effective and have helped a lot of people.

But on the other side, it is important to develop conversation skills. As you develop conversation skills, you naturally begin feel more comfortable around other people. Knowing how to talk and relate with others builds confidence.

Put these two sides together and you might find that the puzzle on how to cure social anxiety that no longer has any missing pieces.

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