Not Shy Anymore. How to TRANSFORM your life, starting TODAY.

Wish you were not shy? I’m talking to you, who’s finally at the place where what you’ve been doing isn’t working and you’re looking for a solution. Yup, if I’d gotten this advice years ago it would have saved me tons of time, social anxiety, and trouble. I would have transformed my life a whole lot faster.

You’ll want to watch this video, especially if you wish you were not shy, so you could avoid the pain of parties, dates, and social situations where you feel small, insecure, uninteresting, wanting to be different from how you are… i.e. not shy.

So, here’s the deal for anyone who wants to be not shy but finds they are…
Step 1:

Be honest
Yup, honesty with yourself. This means that you admit to yourself what’s just not working in your life. ADMIT IT. OWN IT. Until then you can’t change it. If you want to be not shy and you never admit that, then you’ll always be shy because you’ll never look deeply enough to change.

That brings me to Step 2:

Be courageous, seek help
Reach out and find the solutions you need to help you transform the area in your life that isn’t working for you. Asking for help means admitting that you don’t know everything, it means stepping outside your comfort bubble, which can feel hard if you goal is to be not shy. However, the courage part is essential in making any lasting change in life. If you want to be not shy, then reach out to someone who was there, who used to be shy and not has great social confidence and social skills… they’ll be happy to help because they know the pain of the problem you’re facing, and it feels good to share solutions with someone who’s going through what you’ve been through. It feels good to help, so ask. The other person will very likely be happy to support you in transforming this area of your life so you can stop the pain, and feel confident in your capacity. Online tools, books, blogs like this one, and trainings that help you learn to be not shy, build social success, and create a life that really work for you.

I had wished I was not shy, that I could feel confident in social situations, have fun, be joyful with others, but there I was, awkward at parties and unable to have the kinds of conversations I wanted. I learned a ton along the way, sought out help, found mentors, studied psychology, having transformed my life, now I teach others how to overcome shyness and social anxiety too, because I know it’s painful.

So, if you’re like 99.9% of people there will be at least one area of life that isn’t doing it for you at present. To change this and being to transform this area, do this activity:
-Take a piece of paper and write down the area(s) of life that aren’t working for you on the left-hand column.
-Then beside (each), write down where you could go to learn the tools to transform this area. What resources exist for you in your life to change this?
-Then, go take action. Find he courage deep inside and take the step you know you need to. Trust, me, it’s worth it.

To get your free training on how to overcome shyness, build social success, enjoy conversations and transform shy to not shy then click on

Reaching out for support is courageous. So glad to be here along your journey to Find Social Freedom and live a life you love.

Your friend,

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