SECRET to Overcoming Social Anxiety. HINT: you ALREADY have it.

SECRET to Overcoming Social Anxiety. HINT: you ALREADY have it.

Hey friend,
Ever get the feeling that you’re in your own way? That overcoming social anxiety is totally possible, but you still have it? Yup, been there. Luckily the key to getting unstuck is already inside you, you just need to know how to “tap in”.

To learn how to get unstuck and instead feel the joy of overcoming social anxiety, check out this video & read on…

Learning to listen to the wisdom inside you can be simple if you know how… and if your goal is overcoming social anxiety, it’s the key to freedom.

I’ve outlined the step by step below…

The question: “What’s the next step I need to take (in overcoming social anxiety)?”
Here’s how to listen to the answer:

1. Stop. Just stop. Wherever you are (unless it’s driving, in which case, pull over first.)
2. Close your eyes and become totally quiet.
3. Think about the problem, and start to feel the pain response. Make the pain big for a moment so you really admit that it’s there.
4. Still feeling this discomfort, ask yourself, what is the next step I need to take?
5. Wait… quietly for a thought that brings RELIEF. Don’t try to “come up with the answer” instead, allow the answer to naturally arise within your mind. You’ll know it’s there when you feel RELIEF from the uncomfortable or painful body feeling. That relief is usually accompanied by tingly excitement at the thought of getting what you want, and knowing that the answer is at hand. Yes! This is the right one.
6. Write it down.
7. Ignore the “nay-saying” thoughts that WILL arise after. (They always do, especially when you’re on the right track. When you got that moment of “Aha! + RELIEF” you know you’re on the right track… anything that comes after that is just fear poking up it’s little head.)
8. Take action on the solution that you already knew was the right one for you.

Overcoming social anxiety takes learning how to be present with that little voice, and honoring it. It means paying attention, moment by moment to what your next step is. Interestingly, the more you hear and honor that voice, the easier overcoming social anxiety becomes. This is because you’ll be centering in yourself, in your inner wisdom, rather than being concerned with what other people think of you, or how they might be perceiving you. Learning to listen to that voice is the solution to effortlessly knowing how to get out of your own way, to overcoming social anxiety and the pain that comes with wanting to be different than how you are. Instead, you can enjoy social confidence, love what you love, have great interactions with the people you are naturally drawn to, and love your life.

Now, knowing what to do and knowing how to do it are sometimes two different things. People who are committed to overcoming social anxiety tend to find that they know the next step is getting support & learning tools to do things differently… if this is the case for you then visit for your FREE TRAINING on Overcoming Social Anxiety and get the tools you need to take action with confidence and find social success.

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