Top 10 Jobs For Shy People To Make Money

So I get asked often, “How do I be more successful at work?” It’s always easier to be successful if you align with your natural talents and tendencies in ways that are really valuable. Yup, being shy or introverted means you’re naturally better at some things than other people are.

Many people seem to hold the (mistaken) belief that you have to be extroverted in order to get a great job that will pay well, support your lifestyle, and that you’ll enjoy.

…That only outgoing people will be hired (and that shy people will be overlooked in spite of often superior knowledge having more time learning, and less time socializing).

…That only outgoing personalities are valuable to employers (and that shy people are undervalued).

(Sound familiar?)

This is termed by Susan Cain, author of “Quiet” as the “culture of personality”- the cultural bias toward more outgoing people. However, as she’s pointed out…THERE ARE GREAT JOBS FOR SHY PEOPLE.

You do of course need to step it up, avoid the Narrative Fallacy that life will just hand you everything you need and want, and go out and create the life you want and get yourself one of these jobs you will love. Check out my video below on the narrative fallacy and learn to take action and stop waiting for life to just hand you what you want (it won’t).

Ok, now that you’re ready to get out of your own way…

So, here’s The Top 10 Jobs for Shy People To Make Money so you can be successful and be yourself.

Yup: jobs for shy people totally exist. Don’t believe me? Check out the list below…

  1. Job #1 of great jobs for shy people: Animals!
    Working with animals is both rewarding (and cute!) and allows you to focus upon your natural skills at observation and interpretation, avoiding too much talk time. Vets, pet shelters, dog walking services, groomers, boarding kennels, stables, and many more animal-oriented businesses are looking for people who love animals and carry the softness required to communicate in a calm and non-threatening way with them.
  2. Job #2 of great jobs for shy people: (Copy) WritersWriting is an amazing way to make use of the natural abilities you likely have for creativity, creating clear and logical written thought, and observations in the world. As far as jobs for shy people go, being a writer is an amazing field to get into. You can do this through working as a copy writer (writing proposals for large companies), as an editor (helping other writers to make their work better), as an author (fiction or non-fiction), as a technical writer (writing manuals or content), writing for magazines and/or as an online blogger.
  3. Job #3 of great jobs for shy people: (Geo)Scientists/ lab technicians
    Working in a lab can be great work if you’d rather have a small group of colleagues and be focused more on data than on interpersonal interaction. However, if you don’t want to be inside all the time and are inclined toward science, consider going into a field like forestry, marine biology, or geo-science where you’ll be able to split your time between field work and lab work. These can great jobs for shy people who want the best of both worlds.
  4. Job #4 of great jobs for shy people: Social media managers
    While in-person interaction may still feel uncomfortable, for many shy people social media provides a great way to be able to interact with others through the written word (something that many shy people are excellent at). If you like having social contact during the day, look for companies with a physical office; if, however, you’d rather work on your own turf, then look for companies where everyone works remotely from home, or consider working for yourself as a contractor. Either way, social media is a growing field that allows for expression, focus, and concentration, while being engaged with the world in a low-stimulus kind of way.
  5. Job #5 of great jobs for shy people: Programmers & computer engineers
    A little more technically minded? Love the bridge between math and design? Consider working on the technical side of computers. Whether designing new software, or designing interfaces for people to work with or on, programming is great because like social media you can work on a team or by yourself while being single-focused.
  6. Job #6 of great jobs for shy people: Artists (including graphic designers)
    Whether it’s visual art (like painting), illustrating for children’s books, fashion design, photography, graphic design, or creating beautiful websites you can use your eye for the beauty in the world to create incredible pieces.
  7. Job #7 of great jobs for shy people: Record-keeping
    Depending upon your interests, this could be related to numbers (as in book-keeping or accounting), to literature (as in a librarian), museums (archival work), medical (as in government medical records), research (documenting results) or transcription (writing what people say in courtrooms, off of videos for closed caption, or turning audio files into written work).
  8. Job #8 of great jobs for shy people: Film/ video editing
    The thrill of working in film, combined with the detail-oriented, single-focused capacity that you are blessed to be born with. Video editing can both pay well and be highly creative. This applies for Hollywood, YouTube, documentary, animation, advertisement, and educational/ training videos.
  9. Job #9 of great jobs for shy people: Industrial repair
    Love working with your hands? Mechanically inclined? Fixing heavy machinery can be a great (and well paying) way to be able to be in sweet solitude while always having the enjoyment of a problem to solve.
  10. Job #10 of great jobs for shy people: Massage Therapist
    If you enjoy one on one time with people, and enjoy physical touch but would rather connect non-verbally, condor a career in massage therapy. This is a field where you’ll be able to enjoy interpersonal connection and touch, but in a structured environment with limited small-talk. Depending upon your preference and training-type you can work in a spa, a hospital, a private clinic, work with sports medicine, prenatal, or elderly. Many great jobs for shy people exist in the realm of massage therapy and bodywork.

Ok, so now you have some ideas… what do I do next? If you haven’t yet, make sure to watch my video on the Narrative Fallacy to avoid the pain of never having your dreams come true. Avoid killing your dreams, and instead get clear on what you want, and take action toward it.

Not sure how to do that? Feel too shy to interview well? Have social anxiety? Feel like you don’t know how to start and keep a conversation going? To get your free training on why shyness is not your fault CLICK HERE,

I look forward to working together to helping you overcome shyness as a limiting factor, and make your dreams of work you enjoy, friends who care about you, and easy conversations and connections come true.

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