What People Think When They Meet You

If you are anything like most people, when you are introduced to a new person, you worry about what they will think of you. This is exponentially the case if you suffer from shyness or social anxiety.

Often, this worry is so overwhelming, that it is easy to overlook how the other person in the conversation feels as well. When we understand how the other person feels, it is easier to develop a better connection with them. In the end, this leads to more friends and a better social life.

The truth is that most of the people you are introduced to have the similar concerns as you do. They are worried about being liked. They want to be accepted. They are afraid of saying the wrong thing.

It is so easy and natural to only see things from our perspective  and to lose sight of how the other person feels.

But when you consider how the other person’s perspective – that perhaps they want to be liked and accepted as well – it changes the view we have of the conversation.

We understand better the other half of the conversation and this makes it a lot easier to connect. We are able to relate more fully.

Take 5 minutes now and do a thought experiment. Imagine being introduced to a new person but take the other person’s perspective. Imagine they are meeting you. Imagine them being nervous and tense. Imagine them worrying about what to say. Imagine them wanting to be liked by you.

How does this change the way you feel about the conversation?

Often, when we realize other people feel the same way as us, it reduces how shy and anxious we are.

And that is what it is all about, because when you reduce shyness and anxiety, you get more success at work, more friends, and you express who you are more fully. It leads to a better life.

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